Our Highred Material (UNR04)

Highred is our answer to a wide range of sealing technology applications ...

Our Highred (UNR04) material is a extremely high performance Polyurethane with a hardness of 95 ± 2 Shore A in the colour wine red. It clearly distinguishes itself from other materials by various characteristics. Highred is a cast polyurethane, due to its closed meshed cross-linking it has a particularly high stability and is suitable for all mechanically turned seals.

Even small quantities can be manufactured up to a diameter of Ø 2,000 mm within a few days for your application.

Highred is characterized by its excellent temperature resistance from -50°C to +120°C and is applicable in air, water, water-oil mixtures, as well as in common hydraulic oils.

Due to the adding of friction reducing additives, Highred has an extremely low friction coefficient, which guarantees an almost stick-slip free run, simultaneously with high wear resistance and long service life. Furthermore, Highred is characterized by excellent mechanical properties, which guarantee the best extrusion resistance at high pressures and high sliding speed.

Highred is our answer to a wide range of sealing technology applications.

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