Simple sealing element used predominantly for static sealing.

FEP encapsulated O-Ring

An FEP encapsulated o-ring is a static sealing element and consists of an elastomer core ring, that is seamlessly encased in a FEP jacket. FEP is a perfluorinated polymer and like PTFE, provides excellent resistance against chemicals. The elastic pressing force is comparable to that of a normal o-ring. However, for the installation it should be considered that there are limits to the expansion and compression.

FEP encapsulated o-rings come in the same dimensions as elastomer o-rings and have similar installation parameters. It provides a good chemical resistance and due to its physiological harmlessness and sterilizability it is oftenly used in the chemical industry, petrochemistry as well as in the medicine and food industry.  

fields of application
elastomers, FEP
technical data
material FKM
pressure up to 25 MPa
temperature -25°C / +200°C (material dependent)
speed -
material VMQ
pressure up to 25 MPa
temperature -60°C / 200°C (material dependent)
speed -
Maximum values temperature, speed and pressure are simultaneously not applicable! The values vary in dependence of material and media. For technical queries please contact our application consultants – we have the right solution for you. 

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