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Whatever type of material characteristics you need: we will find the best appropriate material compound for your application needs – functional reliably up to the limits.

The materials are divided through the following aspects: their composition, properties and resulting application range in elastomeric materials, PTFE-based materials, materials with and without elastic properties i.e. TPU.

Elastomer Materials

Elastomers are chemical cross-linked, permanently elastic materials that feature a viscoelastic behavior. These come in a numerous of variants as sealing materials:

The specified hardness designation in the material compound data sheets will be given in Shore A. Whereas on finished parts, the hardness is usually determined in IRHD-m.

Thermoplastic Elastomers

Thermoplastic elastomers are referred to as materials that can be processed like a thermoplast, but have elastomeric properties.

PTFE Based Materials

PTFE - Polytetrafluorethylene is a sintered material with very high chemical and thermal resistance, but without any elastomeric properties. Sealants made of PTFE are commonly machined out of extruded semi-finished products.