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About Us

The ULMAN Group is one of the leading providers of technically advanced products and solutions in the field of sealing technology. We are a comprehensive supplier in general sealing technology, with over 50 years of industry experience in various sectors such as mechanical engineering, stationary and mobile hydraulics, power transmission and electrical engineering, plant engineering, chemical industry, process technology, and automotive. As a globally oriented company, we are a partner whose success is based on close proximity to our customers and the market.

Your Specialist for Sealing Technology

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Global Customer Base
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Strong Growth

We are here for you

Our 114 employees in the group are responsible for the strong company growth through their customer service and innovation. In 2021 alone, we can look back on approximately 490 million units of sold articles.

Our long-term goal orientation and continuous company growth since its founding are an incentive for us and confirmation of our strategic direction and product quality.


At all three locations, our dedicated employees ensure innovation, reliability, quality, and the best possible solution for every application.                             The ULMAN Group is composed as follows:


Headquarter in Gärtringen, Germany
Production facility in Neudenau, Germany
Subsidiary, headquartered in Vienna, Austria
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Distribution warehouse in Gärtringen

Service - Close to the Customer

All departments within the ULMAN Group consistently strive for optimal solutions for our customers. Providing seamless service across all departments is a commitment we live by.

ULMAN considers its own task as a reliable partner and service provider fulfilled only when a successful path has been found for the customer. It is natural for us to respond flexibly to the individual requirements of our customers and to be available for on-site consultation when needed, even at short notice. Because complex challenges can also be overcome together.

Our Logistics – Your Service

Our Logistics – Your Service

Innovative, environmentally friendly and efficient

In addition to innovative techniques, our logistics has 2,870 sqm of process surface. We have the world's first AutoStore storage system on two levels. Both grits are connected to each other by means of special lifters. In total, up to 31,000 containers can be stored in a very confined space. Due to this subdivision, up to 240,000 storage areas can be managed most efficiently.

Our Partners



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Careers at ULMAN


Shaping the Future with us

Especially in today's time, qualified and motivated employees play a crucial role in the success of a company. Therefore, sustainable personnel planning and open communication are important to us, allowing our employees to contribute and personally develop in every phase of their lives.

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