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Cooperation with the University of Tübingen

There is hardly another profession that combines so many different roles under one roof in its area of responsibility as that of an occupational physician.

In addition to the traditional role of a doctor, they fulfil a number of other different roles depending on the tasks they are given on a day-to-day basis.

Beyond specialist medical qualifications, management qualities such as leadership skills, social skills, strong communication and motivation skills are also required.

Occupational health care is an occupational safety measure tailored to the individual. It includes measures for the early identification and prevention of work-related

illnesses, including occupational illnesses and is intended to help maintain the ability to work. Personal counselling on work-related health risks as part of occupational

health care complements technical and organisational protective measures in the workplace.

In cooperation with the University of Tübingen, our occupational safety officers Michael Jehlitschke and Eckard Lück were able to give the prospective doctors a more
concrete insight into everyday working life.