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International Women's Day 2024

One of the mottos for International Women's Day 2024 this year is
"Invest in women: accelerate progress"

Progress is about creating social and economic security and investing in the future for
the long term. In addition to equal opportunities for men and women, openness, tolerance
and appreciation are fundamental prerequisites for successful collaboration and a pleasant working environment.

In the ULMAN Group, it is always important for us to treat each other with respect and appreciation, regardless of gender, age, religious affiliation, etc. Together, we have already achieved and established a great deal in recent years.

Being a successful medium-sized company with 47% female employees, we are challenged
every day to fulfil very individual requirements.

As a company, we support equal opportunities, work-life balance and an understanding for
one another.

Women's achievements and challenges in particular are not always sufficiently recognised
and appreciated in our society. For this reason, on this day we would like to extend a special
and heartfelt thank you to all women who do valuable work with their tireless commitment to their job, their family and our society.