Within the technical range, seals are described as elements or constructions which have the task to hinder or limit undesired media passing from one space to the other. Seals are special machine elements which have the task to seal spaces with different pressures and/or media so that no undesired media passing is possible.

To ensure the sealing function, the selected element must have the capacity to generate a certain pressing force against the counter surface, have sufficient resistance against the media to be sealed and perform its function safely over the entire working temperature range.

A broad range of established standards are available to suit the pressure, materials and applications.

Seals are divided in application fields as follows:

Static Seals: O-ring, X-ring, Square ring, U-ring, M-ring, Flat Gaskets, Back-up ring

Dynamic Seals: Scraper, Guide ring, Rod Seal, Piston Seal

Rotary Seals: Rotary Seal, V-ring, Gamma ring, Sealing cap, Oil seal

Diaphragm: Diaphragm, PTFE Composite Diaphragm, Rolling Diaphragm