Rolling Diaphragm

Rolling diaphragms are sealing components that seal two spaces hermetically as elastic, moveable separating walls.

Rolling Diaphragm RMG

Rolling diaphragms RMG are highly flexible, thin-walled diaphragms with a fabric reinforcement on the pressure side. They act as flexible movable partitions providing hermetic sealing against two chambers. At the same time, they can perform a stroke movement that is perpendicular to the clamping plane.

Due to its thin-walled design and the ratio to the diameter and large height of the diaphragm, the RMG has following advantages: 

  • a virtually constant  inherent resistance,
  • large stroke length in relation to the diaphragm height and
  • a constant effective area throughout the stroke.

Due to their advantages, Rolling diaphragms are particularly used in process measurement and control technology. These can also be obtainable without fabric reinforcement as special designs.

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fields of application
elastomers, fabric reinforcement
technical data
pressure up to 0,08 MPa
temperature -50°C / +80°C (material dependent)
speed application dependent
Maximum values temperature, speed and pressure are simultaneously not applicable! The values vary in dependence of material and media. For technical queries please contact our application consultants – we have the right solution for you. 

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