Static Seals

Back-up ring

Additional protection element (without sealing function) to prevent gap extrusion with sealing components. To be used for pressures above 5 MPa.

Back-up ring BC - concave slotted

The Back-up ring BC has a slotted profile with a concave groove. Due to its assembly ease, it is particularly suitable for closed grooves or for all installations.It has a very good O-ring support at very high und pulsating pressures through the concave design.

Back-up rings are exactly adapted to the groove height and are turned with standard PTFE virgin material. The required groove width increases by the width of the Back-up rings.

fields of application
PTFE, PTFE with filling material
technical data
pressure static up to 250 MPa static
linear up to 40 MPa
rotatory up to 15 MPa
temperature -200°C / +260°C (material dependent)
speed linear up to 0,5 m/s
rotatory up to 2 m/s
Maximum values temperature, speed and pressure are simultaneously not applicable! The values vary in dependence of material and media. For technical queries please contact our application consultants – we have the right solution for you. 

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