PTFE Composite Diaphragm

PTFE composite diaphragms are used everywhere where toxic and chemically aggressive agents are conveyed. Through the patented PTFE diaphragm surface structure „SOF“, our diaphragms can reach high load cycles and a high service life even if these are highly loaded. PTFE foil satisfies the FDA requirements and is therefore appropriate for the usage in the food sector.

PTFE composite diaphragms have a PTFE foil film that is fixed on the elastomer surface towards the media side. The PTFE foil forms a closed surface. It is resistant to almost all chemical agents. The chemical resistance range goes from pH 0 to pH 14.

In order to fulfil the high resistance requirements, PTFE composite diaphragms are usually equipped with a fabric reinforcement. The supporting plates or clamping plates can also be integrated into the diaphragm, to avoid dead space and support cleaning and sterilization.  

In our production process, composite diaphragms are manufactured based on individual components and they can be varied according to the customer’s need.



PTFE Composite Diaphragm

PTFE Composite Diaphragms are used whenever toxic and chemically aggressive media must be conveyed.   

PTFE composite diaphragms are used furthermore in the food industry application.

In our production, diaphragms are constructed with single components and can be varied (according to customer specifications). For example with or without:

  • fabric reinforcement
  • foil lamination
  • metal core

We offer all established material combinations, if neeeded also with KTW, FDA and W270 compliance.

Our technical consultants will gladly assist you in your product development. 

fields of application
elastomers, fabric reinforcement, metal, PTFE
technical data
pressure up to 0,08 MPa
temperature -50°C / +120°C (material dependent)
speed application dependent
Maximum values temperature, speed and pressure are simultaneously not applicable! The values vary in dependence of material and media. For technical queries please contact our application consultants – we have the right solution for you. 

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