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Guide ring

Guide rings have the function of preventing mechanical contact between pistons, bores and rods. Therefore, they have to absorb all transverse forces that occur.

Rod Guide ring FS

The Guide ring FS is an element that prevents metallic contact between the bore and the piston and has the ability to safely absorb all occurring lateral forces. Guide rings are produced mechanically with turning machines in various materials with a diagonal cut. Guide rings are of vital importance for the safe operation of a hydraulic or pneumatic system and need to be aligned to the prevailing conditions.   

Standard Guide rings are made of filled PTFE, thermoplastic or fabric-reinforced phenolic or polyester resin. The compressive strength depends on the material used and has a range of 15 to 100 N / mm². To calculate the maximum load per Guide ring, apply: lateral force / projected surface x 0.75

fields of application
fabric-based laminate, polymers, PTFE, PTFE with filling material, thermoplast, UHMW-PE
technical data
material PTFE
pressure -
temperature -200°C / +260°C (material dependent)
speed up to 10 m/s
material thermoplastic-based
pressure -
temperature -200°C / +120°C (material dependent)
speed up to 2 m/s
material fabric-based laminate
pressure -
temperature -40°C / +130°C (material dependent)
speed up to 1 m/s
Maximum values temperature, speed and pressure are simultaneously not applicable! The values vary in dependence of material and media. For technical queries please contact our application consultants – we have the right solution for you. 

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