Static Seals

Flat Gasket

Axial static sealing element that can be made of in a wide range of materials and produced in different techniques.

Flat Gasket

Flat gaskets parts are individually designed sealing elements, that can be specially manufactured according to customer specifications. A large variety of materials are available.

Flat gaskets can be produced in different techniques:

  • punching
  • waterjet cutting
  • cut from tube
  • production per injection moulding or compression method

Depending on the application, rubber to metal bonding design are also possible. In this case, the elastomer material will be vulcanized to a metal support element.

fields of application
elastomers, polyurethane, fabric reinforcement, fiber materials, plastics, metal
technical data
material elastomere
pressure up to 50 MPa
temperature -60°C / +200°C (material dependent)
speed -
material fibre composite material
pressure up to 50 MPa
temperature -200°C / +500°C (material dependent)
speed -
material plastics
pressure up to 50 MPa
temperature -200°C / +300°C (material dependent)
speed -
Maximum values temperature, speed and pressure are simultaneously not applicable! The values vary in dependence of material and media. For technical queries please contact our application consultants – we have the right solution for you. 

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